Wearable Solutions For Continuous Health Monitoring

Source: 3M Life Science Sterilization

Solutions For Continuous Health Monitoring

Wearable medical technologies allow for continuous health monitoring in the home so that patients can conveniently chart their wellness or progress electronically. Designers and engineers of high-tech medical devices have to consider the human skin interface during product development, not just as the last step before market. 3M has the expertise available to assist wearable medical technology manufacturers with selecting the right materials that work well with the human skin interface.

3M has developed non-sensitizing medical tapes, films, and other materials for hospitals and clinics around the world for applications ranging from professional wound care dressings to device attachments and strappings.

Available solutions include:

  • Medical adhesives designed to be "skin friendly" where devices are attached to patients
  • Adhesives for the construction of devices made from plastic films, foams, and fabrics
  • Precisely-shaped, micro-replicated surface structures or channels incorporated into substrates
  • Hydrophilic fluid transport technologies
  • Porous films and membranes with the size and spacing of pores engineered to capture particles or to ensure that samples flow at the right rate
  • Flexible electronics and films

For more information about 3M’s wearable technology expertise in continuous health monitoring solutions, download the brochure.